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I’ve spent twenty years helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their challenges and finding the most effective way to over come them. My experience with mission critical systems has included US Coast Guard, FBI, US Air Force, and state NextGen 9-1-1 systems. My engagement with a client focuses not just on the technology challenges, but understanding how those challenges reflect the business and mission realities. It’s important to look at the holistic environment and to recognize when a business problem needs more than a purely technical solution.

Whether it’s providing leadership on a challenging technical project or developing and delivering detailed technical solutions to meet an urgent need, I always ensure you’re organization has the best solution possible.

  • Designed and implemented a route management system to automate provisioning and cutover for Massachusetts’ NextGen 9-1-1 system. Solution currently manages over 2000 SIP routes and allows PSAP routing cutover to be performed in 15 minutes by NOC staff instead of over an hour by engineering staff hand making changes.
  • Designed and deployed state-wide monitoring system for Massachusetts’ NextGen 9-1-1 system. Developed custom application monitoring tools to integrate NextGen 9-1-1 specific applications and appliances with industry standard monitoring solutions. Integrated with existing enterprise ticketing systems and trained NOC personnel and Tier 2 engineers on operation of the monitoring solution.

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