Faron Golden – USAF

3 May 2011

To all who shall see these presents, greetings:

I am privileged to introduce to you with my enthusiastic recommendation Mr. Daniel Hagan, a colleague in the Information Technology profession. I have known Daniel for a few years now and have had the pleasure and good fortune of working with him directly and indirectly in support of a global US Air Force project. Our work together afforded me the opportunity to observe Daniel’s performance as both a technical expert in a variety of technologies, and as an outstanding project manager juggling successfully multiple tasks and projects to bring them in on time and under budget.

Daniel has in depth knowledge of a variety of technologies including Internet Protocol (IP) based routing; routers and switches; web proxies (forward and reverse); firewalls (application proxy, IP filtering, etc); electronic mail relays and mail servers; Domain Name Services (DNS); and a host of others. Along with in depth knowledge in these areas, Daniel has excellent knowledge of various operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Coupled with his superb skills at multi-tasking in project management, this breadth and depth of technical expertise make Daniel a truly noteworthy asset to any team working in the Information Technology arena.

Another asset Daniel brings to the teams with which he works is his tremendous ability to interact with and relate to people: both co-workers and clients. Daniel has the ability to quickly gain the confidence of those around him and readily achieves recognition as leader without appearing to be over bearing or egocentric. Daniel has an excellent reputation with all of us who have worked with him and is welcome to return to any of our environments.

I strongly recommend to anyone considering adding to their team a winning asset that provides immediate Return on Investment my colleague and my fellow IT Practitioner, Mr Daniel Hagan. I am always happy to entertain questions about Daniel’s abilities and qualifications.


Faron Golden, CISM
Director of Operations

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