Rich Wissler – General Dynamics IT

5 May 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is my personal recommendation for Daniel Hagan. Daniel worked as my engineering task lead on a complex, high profile project supporting GDIT. I found Daniel to be a consummate professional who combines strong technical and management skills with outstanding problem solving abilities. This mix of skills enables Daniel to lead technical teams to the successful completion of demanding projects while meeting all technical, schedule and cost goals.

Daniel has an uncanny ability to understand not only the details involved with a variety of technical areas, but also how each of these disciplines fit into the entire system. Daniel is one of the few individuals who truly understands the entire system, and this perspective enables him to view any problem within a systems construct. As such he is able to ask the right questions to either determine the root cause of any issue or lead his technical team down the path to a solution. This undoubtedly is one of the main reasons he commands the respect of the technical teams he leads, and is able to consistently achieve positive results. In the support to my project, Daniel oversaw a diverse team of over 10 subject matter expert engineers covering five major technical disciplines. He led the requirements development and scheduling process to capture the required work and then plan the technical effort to ensure completion within customer timelines. Daniel effortlessly handled the myriad of technical details and issues associated with the application of over 70 upgrades to each of nine enterprise level gateway systems located worldwide.

Daniel’s interpersonal skills are also top-notch. Whether it is communicating with his technical peers, the program staff or customer leadership, he effectively and efficiently expresses his thoughts to achieve results and maintain positive relationships. My interactions with him were critical to minimizing potential problems and ensuring smooth execution of the project. In addition, Daniel interacted with the user organization on a daily basis to resolve issues, obtain support and provide status. On numerous occasions, senior leadership of the user organization expressed their confidence and pleasure in Daniel’s leadership and execution of this critical project. Also, our customer on this task consistently highlighted the success of this project both within their organization and to high levels of USAF command – these results are directly attributable to Daniel’s efforts.

I have tremendous respect and confidence in Daniel. He is a sharp, results driven, professional senior systems architect/engineer who adeptly combines technical knowledge, management acumen and leadership to consistently achieve project success. I highly recommend Daniel.


Richard Wissler
Senior Program Manager
General Dynamics Information Technology

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