William Rudd – CACI International

August 6, 2008

I’ve worked with Daniel as both a technical peer and as his technical manager for the past two years on a major DoD Infrastructure and IT Management Project. Daniel is unequaled in many ways, from his extreme technical competence and broad skillsets, his detail orientation, to his political astuteness. Daniel is a person that can be given very general guidance on what you’d like for a product and in the end you know that what you’ll get back from him is more than you could have envisioned and is exactly what you really needed without knowing what you needed. We currently have a team of 30 engineers spanning networking, Active Directory, Exchange, Network Management Products, iSCSI and Fiberchannel storage, etc. Daniel is one of the few engineers on the team that I can go to with an issue regarding almost any technology and be sure he’ll have the ability to identify a solution to the problem. I hope to have the pleasure of working with Daniel on many future projects.

— William Rudd, Information Technology Scientist, CACI International

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